Rodamientos IRB Bilbao S.L. hereby notifies and informs its website users of its Policy on Personal Data Protection (hereinafter PPDP), pursuant to the provisions of Spain’s Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter referred to by its Spanish initialism LOPD), whereby they may decide in a free and voluntary manner whether they wish to provide the personal data that are asked to post on the company’s website.

Rodamientos IRB Bilbao S.L. reserves the right to amend its PPDP according to its own criteria, as well as in response to any changes in the law, jurisprudence or business practices. In the event of any amendment being made, the new text will be posted in this same link, where the user may access the current PPDP. Nevertheless, the relationship with users shall be governed by the rules in force at the precise moment the link is accessed.

Rodamientos IRB Bilbao S.L., a company incorporated in Spain, is the holder of the database generated with the personal data provided by the users of the different forms on the company’s website, and complies with the duty of registering those files of a personal nature with the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos [Spain’s Data Protection Agency], as well as with all other requirements made in observance of current legislation

The purpose of these files is to provide more detailed and personalised information on the company, its products and its advertising campaigns, manage the purchasing and services process, and respond to any query or request for information made. No data shall be disclosed to third parties, without understanding disclosure to mean the processing that associate companies provide to Rodamientos IRB Bilbao S.L., pursuant to the provisions of Art. 12 of the LOPD.

Users agree to allow the personal data they have provided to be processed by Rodamientos IRB Bilbao S.L., being responsible for ensuring such data is accurate and complete. Users are hereby informed that the data provided shall be included and processed in a file called CLIENTES [CUSTOMERS], with Rodamientos IRB Bilbao S.L. being responsible for said file.

The party responsible for the file undertakes to uphold the duty of confidentiality laid down in current legislation as regards the personal data contained in electronic files. In addition, users are informed of their right at any time to access, correct, cancel or, as appropriate, contest their data pursuant to the provisions of the LOPD and to any other applicable legislation, either via e-mail at or by writing to Rodamientos IRB Bilbao S.L., at the following address: Calle Dr. Díaz Emparanza 3, 48002 Bilbao (Spain).

If users have any suggestions or questions regarding the security of e-commerce systems and/or the PPDP, they are kindly requested to send an e-mail to the above address, specifying in the Subject line “Suggestion/Question”.

When the reason for contacting Rodamientos IRB Bilbao S.L. involves a claim or complaint regarding a breach of users’ privacy or of the security of their e-commerce systems, they are kindly requested to send an e-mail to the above address, specifying in the Subject line “Complaint”. Rodamientos IRB Bilbao S.L. undertakes to respond to their claim or complaint within a period of 15 days, replying through the channel the user has specified. If they are not satisfied with the proposed solution, the aforementioned Agencia Española de Protección de Datos and, as appropriate, the Courts and Tribunals Bilbao shall be empowered to resolve any dispute.


IDENTIFICATION DATA:  in observance of the duty of information provided for in article 10 of Act 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, it is hereby reported that the company owning this website is Rodamientos IRB Bilbao S.L., with registered address at Calle Dr. Díaz Emparanza 3, 48002 Bilbao (Spain). Its C.I.F. [Tax Number] is B 95783742, and it is recorded in the Company Register of Bizkaia, volume 5501, book 0 in Section 8 on Companies, folio 133, page BI-65328, entry 1, with the e-mail address, and phone number +34 944 431 400.


All industrial and intellectual property rights over this website, as well as its content, such as, for example, images, software, texts, brands, logos, and design, are protected by law, and any access made to it or use thereof by users should not in any way be considered as the granting of any licence of use or right over whatsoever activity pertaining to or owned by Rodamientos IRB Bilbao S.L.. The texts, images and all other content that may be posted on this website are the sole property of Rodamientos IRB Bilbao S.L.

Whatsoever act of public transmission, distribution, conveyance, reproduction, storage or communication, whether in part or in full, on any medium and by any technical means, requires the express prior written permission of Rodamientos IRB Bilbao S.L.

All users of this website undertake to uphold the Intellectual and Industrial Property rights held by Rodamientos IRB Bilbao S.L., being entitled to view, print, copy and store the content on their computers or other devices provided they do so exclusively for their own personal and private use, refraining from deleting, altering, manipulating or circumventing any protection or security mechanism that might be installed on this website.


Rodamientos IRB Bilbao S.L. uses cookies for customisation purposes, facilitating the user’s browsing experience on its website. Cookies are associated solely with anonymous users and a specific computer, and do not provide any details that permit personalising data on the same, with users having the option of setting up their browsers to report and reject their installation, without this restricting a user’s ability to access the different areas on the website, except the private area.


The Rodamientos IRB Bilbao S.L. website may feature links and/or hyperlinks to other websites that may be of interest to its users. Rodamientos IRB Bilbao S.L. does not exercise any control whatsoever over those websites or their content, so it cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for the same, providing no guarantees at all regarding, amongst others and for illustrative purposes only, their technical availability, quality, accuracy, veracity, and compliance with privacy policies, whereby users access the content of said sites according to the terms and conditions governing them and under their own sole responsibility.

No hyperlinks may be added to other websites directing users to this website unless Rodamientos IRB Bilbao S.L. provides its authorisation. In the event of there being hyperlinks on other websites to these pages, no assumptions are to be made regarding the existence of any relations between Rodamientos IRB Bilbao S.L. and the owner of the website on which they are posted, nor of any acceptance or approval of their content or services by Rodamientos IRB Bilbao S.L..


Simply by accessing the website or any one of the services it provides, a user agrees to proceed accordingly in a due and proper manner, abiding by these terms and conditions and upholding the law, moral conduct and public order. Specifically, a user agrees to the following obligations:

  1. Not to use the content and/or information featured on this website to send advertising or messages for sales purposes or for any other commercial purpose, or to gather, store and process personal data.
  2. To refrain from suppressing any signs specifying the intellectual, industrial or any other property rights of Rodamientos IRB Bilbao S.L., or of a third party, that are posted on the website and in each one of the services provided through it.
  3. To refrain from circumventing or manipulating any technical device deployed on its website for the protection of its rights by Rodamientos IRB Bilbao S.L., or by third parties, involving the services provided or any other components, materials or information available on it.
  4. Not to use or apply resources of a technical, logical or technological nature to benefit directly or indirectly, for profit or otherwise, from the unauthorised use of the website’s services or content.
  5. Not to post, store or disseminate via the website or through any one of the services it contains, any software program, virus, or code, and, in general, not to proceed in any way that may damage, disable, overload or compromise the website, equipment, systems, networks, programs, data or information ofRodamientos IRB Bilbao S.L., or of its suppliers, users and, in general, of any third party, or impede the normal use and enjoyment of the website or the services linked to it.
  6. To accept any liability for the losses and damages that may be incurred by Rodamientos IRB Bilbao S.L., its employees, customers, suppliers, users, or third parties in general, due to a breach of these general terms and conditions or those of a specific nature of application to the services provided on the website, undertaking to exemptRodamientos IRB Bilbao S.L., its employees, customers and suppliers from any complaint, claim or penalty that may be pursued or imposed as a direct or indirect consequence of the aforementioned breach.
  7. When proceeding to register on the website, users undertake to provide truthful and accurate data and keep them updated.
  8. Not to use, disclose, distribute or use the information included in a service in any way that constitutes unfair competition for Rodamientos IRB Bilbao S.L.


Rodamientos IRB Bilbao S.L. reserves the right to proceed without any prior notice to make those modifications to its website that it deems convenient.

Rodamientos IRB Bilbao S.L. reserves the right to refuse or withdraw the right to access its website regarding any user that is in breach of its terms and conditions of use, as specified in this Legal Disclaimer, exercising, as appropriate, those civil and criminal proceedings to which it may be entitled. Rodamientos IRB Bilbao S.L. accepts no liability whatsoever for any losses and damages of any kind that may be caused by errors and/or omissions in content, availability, the transmission of viruses, malware etc. that might arise, even though it has adopted the measures deemed necessary and appropriate for avoiding circumstances of this nature.

All attempts are to be made to resolve any dispute or claim on a prior and amicable basis between the parties. In the event an agreement cannot be reached, the parties agree to submit to the judgement of the Courts and Tribunals in Bilbao (Spain).